National Membership Benefits

Interested in becoming a member of the Canadian BBQ Society? That's great! Membership only costs $30 / year and provides the Canadian BBQ Society the ability to execute our many programs.

Our season runs from January 1st to December 31st of any given year. All CBBQS members whose accounts are in good standing by July 1st will receive the following benefits:

Discounts - National

  1.  Discount on bbq classes offered by Grand Champion instructors in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.
    • Discount: 10%              Promo code sent to paid members
  2. Lerpin Coolers offered by House of Q, at
    • Discount: $50               Promo code sent to paid members
  3. CBBQS Merchandise, purchased from online store, opening soon
    • Discounted prices available to paid members
  4. Discount on selected products and services at
    • Details forthcoming
  5. FlameBoss controller / probes
    • Discount: 20%.  Promo code TBD
  6. Inkbird Bluetooth temperature probe
    • Details TBD

Discounts – Provincial


  1. Capital Appliance & BBQ in Ottawa, ON
    • Discount: 10%   Show membership card in store
  2. Rusty’s at Blue Mountain
    • Discount: 10%    Show membership card in store
  3. Earl’s Court BBQ, Toronto ON
    • Discount: 10%    Show membership card in store
  4. Hellbent BBQ Classes
    • Discount: 15%   Promo code to be shared with paid members



  1. Discount at Blue Haze BBQ
    • Discount: 10%  Show membership card in store.


  1. BBQ Classes offered by Motley Que in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Discount:  10%      Promo code to be shared with paid members
  1. Red Boar Smokery (Red Deer)
  • Discount: 15%       Present membership card

British Columbia

  1. Hog Shack Cook House Discount (Richmond, BC)
  • Discount: 10%       Present membership card
  1. Well Seasoned (Langley, BC)
  • Discount: 10% on in-store merchandise, not including classes
  • Present membership card


Other Benefits

  1. Team scores available for past years, at
  2. Ability to compete for a Golden Ticket to the 2018 World Food Championships (Category Barbecue)
  3. Ability to compete for Rookie Team of the Year, with associated prizes
  4. Ability to compete for Provincial and National Champion recognition and prizes
  5. Abilito to participate in CBBQS Mentorship program as a new cook or experienced team (Mentor)