The title of "Canadian National BBQ Champion" will be awarded to the Canadian BBQ team with the highest accumulated score of their best 4 events after a full season of competitions. Our season runs from September 1 - August 30.

Teams that are registered with the CBBQS will automatically be entered in this points race and their rankings at sanctioned competitions will be reflected on the "Canadian BBQ Champion Standings" page. At the end of the year, one team will be named the "Canadian BBQ Champion".

In addition to the National BBQ Champion, the Canadian BBQ Society will also recognize the provincial points leaders and will award the title of "Provincial BBQ Champion" for each participating province.

* National Standings can be found here
* Provincial Standings can be found here
* Individual Competition Results can be found here

As we want to support and encourage all Canadian BBQ teams, we will also honour the results from other sanctioned events in North America, so long as they follow a program similar to KCBS, and are a professional events with 4 meats (Chicken, Ribs, Pork Shoulder & Brisket). Registered teams can submit such an event for consideration via email.